Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct has been developed to set out the Dumfries & Galloway gaming club's expectations for all those taking part in or attending events under its jurisdiction. All attendees of the club, whether members of the public or registered members of the club are expected to follow this code.

This document is written in an informal tone and is intended as a guide rather than as a strict list of rules. This document is meant to supplement the club's rules.

Why do we need this code?

Everyone who attends an event organised by the club is doing so to have an enjoyable experience. Having fun is the most important part of gaming! However, this fun must not come at the expense of others.

This document is not intended to penalise or cause difficulty, but there for the protection of all people attending our events. Everyone is expected to work together to make attending the club's events enjoyable for everyone. Therefore, unity and co-operation are vital.

What we expect from you

The club expects all attendees to its events to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and to ensure that they do not become a nuisance to other attendees. Below are the expectations which should be followed. These are not exhaustive. A breach of these provisions may be referred to the Committee for disciplinary action under the club's Rules and Regulations.