Dumfries & Galloway Gaming Club

Rules & Regulations

  1. Any person who attends an event organised by the club is expected to abide by these rules. Any violation of these rules may subject the person to disciplinary procedures.
  2. Attendees are fully responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged at the club.
  3. Attendees must not attend events whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other recreational drugs.
  4. Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted in any enclosed area.
  5. Good order, proper hygiene, appropriate attire and consideration of the rights and comforts of others must be observed at all times.
  6. No abusive or provocative language. Respect other members.
  7. Noise levels should be kept to a reasonable level.
  8. Any complaints about any attendees should be immediately reported to the Club's committee.
  9. Members shall pay for any loss or damage to property for which they are responsible.
  10. Games with an adult theme (according to the designers guidance or by decision by the Committee) can only be played after the hours of 9PM.